Deli Meats & Cold Cuts

Deli Meats & Cold Cuts

Lyoner / Pariser / Berliner

A mildly flavored fully cooked traditional German cold cut made out of finely minced pork. It can be consumed hot or cold.


Finely minced pork with coarse chunks of marinated ham containing a hint of cardamom seed and white pepper.


German style hunter's bologna. A cooked cold cut with partly finely minced pork meat and partly coarsely minced ham pieces.

Paprika Lyoner

Fine textured pork meat with fresh red and green capsicum. A popular cold cut for sandwiches or on platters.


Doktorskaya Bologna is a Russian Pariser, originally known as Doktorskaya Kolbasi. Finely minced pork with a hint of nutmeg. The natural casing preserves the unique taste of this cold cut.


Fleischwurst 'meat sausage' is another style of a dense and firm bologna sausage flavored with white pepper, cardamon, coriander, ginger and nutmeg. Served in artificial casing, available as a horse shoe shaped ring or big party snail.


Traditional Beef Pastrami, it’s special spice coating makes it ideal for any sandwich.

Smoked Wagyu Beef

Sourced from our local Wagyu Farmer this hormone free marble score 5-7 Wagyu Silverside has been cooked over German Beechwood. Its unique very juicy and tender taste makes it a winner on every cold cut platter or on buffets.